Professional lighting is our job

THE LIGHT is a company whose main area of focus is selecting, designing, and delivering lighting equipment for projects that entail any level of complexity.

We are a dealer for European and Russian lighting equipment manufacturers, and perform joint work with leading architectural design studios, real estate developers, and general contractors.

Our goal is to offer our customers well-conceived, conceptually accurate lighting solutions based on customized assignments, and to ensure competent technical implementation at every stage of the project.

We are everywhere that light is needed

We have brought together professionals with impressive experience from a variety of fields, and this allows us to execute the most complicated and non-standard projects. You can entrust us with any facility, no matter how complex: from reproducing the original interior at historical sites and installing lighting in parks to offices and private apartments.

What we do work on:


  • Museums and exhibition halls
  • Office spaces
  • Public spaces
  • Façade lighting
  • Private apartments
  • Athletic facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing facilities and warehouses
  • Lighting for parks and gardens
  • Healthcare facilities

We translate your ideas into the language of light

Lighting solves a number of challenges: it helps adjust the particular features inherent in an area, represent the facility in an advantageous light, underscore the advantages of certain items, and create the necessary conditions to work efficiently, as well as for full-fledged recreation.

THE LIGHT — is a professional perspective on lighting from all points of view.


We will help resolve any objective that is set in a comprehensive fashion, and find ways to optimize the process and avoid possible errors. You will have a precise and clear idea of what the final result will look like.

Light that is right on target and performs its work

By working with us, you will get a lighting solution that takes into account the specific requirements for each facility and complies with mandatory standards.

Lighting fixtures and equipment are selected in conformity with modern trends in energy efficiency and the environment. Any solution offered will be long-lasting, safe, and economically profitable – and approval will be secured for the executed project in all the relevant government agencies, as well as through the necessary expert review processes.

Lightning from idea to implementation

We are prepared to accept responsibility for the full project life cycle and supervise quality management
at every stage. After the project is completed, we continue to pay attention to it: you will receive a warranty and service support.
Types of work
  • Developing the electrical system project
  • Developing the lighting project
  • Designing the lighting management system, including equipment selection
  • Selecting lighting equipment
  • Calculating illumination
  • Visualizing the lighting concept
  • Delivering the lighting equipment
  • Installation, installation supervision, commissioning work
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

We take responsibility for every component

Many years of cooperating with factories that manufacture lighting equipment allows us to guarantee the quality of the goods that we deliver.

We will let you familiarize yourself with samples, and we will select the most appropriate option based on what you can budget for the project.

Projects should cause satisfaction

We strive to ensure that our clients are no less proud of projects that we execute than we are, and that cooperation always takes place in a frank, comfortable atmosphere.

The team at THE LIGHT will do everything possible so that you can realize what you can conceive.


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    Selecting lighting equipment
  • Light_icons
    Developing the lighting project
  • Light_icons
    Calculating illumination
  • Light_icons
    Visualizing the lighting concept
  • Light_icons
    Designing project management systems, including equipment selection
  • Light_icons
    Developing the electrical system project
  • Light_icons
    Delivering the lighting equipment
  • Light_icons
    Installation, installation supervision, commissioning work
  • Light_icons
    Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

THE LIGHT works together with European and Russian factories that manufacture equipment for different price categories.

We will familiarize you with catalogues and samples from the manufacturers, and will select reliable and quality equipment that will meet your job requirements and whose technical parameters will not decline in quality throughout the equipment’s service life.

KM20 shop, Moscow


Office Space, Moscow


Fitness club "DON-Sport"


Residential Complex "Dubrovskaya Sloboda", Moscow, architect Lubov Kotova


All projects

Park of arts "Museon", Moscow


Show-room Audi, Moscow


Akin Gump, Moscow


Business Center Arcus III, Moscow


Palace of Sports of Trade Unions, Nizhny Novgorod


Arsenal Building (National Center for Contemporary Art), Nizhny Novgorod


КМ20, г. Москва


Офис, г. Москва


ЖК "Дубровская слобода", г. Москва, архитектор Любовь Котова


Фитнес клуб "ДОН-Спорт"


All projects

Шоу-рум Audi, г. Москва


Akin Gump, г. Москва


Бизнес центр Arcus III, г. Москва


Дворец спорта Профсоюзов, г. Нижний Новгород


Здание Арсенала (Государственный центр современного искусства), г. Нижний Новгород


Часовой бутик Легенда, г. Сочи


Парк искусств «Музеон», г. Москва


Частный дом, Московская область, архитектор Юлия Наместникова


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